This Is How We Do It

I like-a to organize. (Homer drool) I love when I look back at different packets and try to figure out why I used those particular colors. However I happened to be feeling at the time + visibility/readability concerns + happenstance? Anyway, this is my query tracking document for TMLA. I have no idea how anyone else does it (feel free to tell me) – I know there are programs online and junk but I’m a do-it-herself kinda girl. That and I love making these things so, yeah.

In other TMLA related news, I submitted a-version-of-my TMLA one-liner to Rachelle Gardner’s contest, which expires tonight at midnight for those of you interested in joining me. Thought I’d test drive it and there was the opportunity, so, voila. With only slight modifications, it now goes something like this:

When Demetra attempts to know her 27-year-old daughter born of rape, she finds that her chosen identity is as false as the one society tried to force upon her.

Aaaaand that’s about all, folks.


15 thoughts on “This Is How We Do It

  1. Good luck on your contest honey!

    And I think its great how wonderfully organized you are. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how our family would cease to accomplish all that we do without your talents in that regard.


  2. Rachelle Gardner should be so lucky.

    Nice sentence. Mine always sounds like parodies: “When the FBI send bad-boy psychoanalyst Kurt Remington into orbit to profile a sentient alien virus, he’s only got three days to save the world and win the love of the xenobacteria he once betrayed.” (Huh. That actually sounds better than most my shit. I may write it.)

    Have you hit up Betsy yet? At the very least you should be able to guilt her into a helpful rejection letter.


  3. Oh, keep us posted on the contest! I keep wanting to enter, but completing the MS seems more priority.

    Unless I decide to re-query that old MS gathering dust in the corner…

    Anyway, I want updates!


  4. I liked your line! I’d read on from it. But I might change ‘When Demetra attempts to know’ to ‘When Demetra attempst to get to know’ or something similar simply because ‘attempts to know’ is more of an antiquated way of saying ‘meet’ or ‘get to know’ and I’ve learned that most of the time modern readers either don’t understand antiquated terms or find them awkward.


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