Stop The Foolywangery

(1) In the market today I heard yet another rendition of a song that should never be sang in the first place. Que Sera, Sera. It’s basically a song about a girl whose family is suspiciously evasive. They try to make it sound like they’re philosophical and zen. Really they’re just douches.

Thanks for nuthin’, Doris.

I don’t really have more to say about that, I’m just super mad. IT IS A NEVERENDING SONG AND IT IS WRONG.

(2) That kid everybody has heard sing but me is “collaborating” with Jaden Smith. Yahoo! begs the question, “but does Jaden have his dad’s rapping skills?”


Really? That’s the bar, huh. Lemme just say this. Parents Just Don’t Understand. O_o Because, honestly, we all know I love Will Smith and increasingly interested in his movie career and increasingly embarrassed every time he opens his mouth – particularly to “defend” Tom Cruise. But getting back to the ludicrous query. Seriously, you guys, he came up when singsong “rapping” or what sometimes just sounded like spoken word delivered by black guys with small glasses and conche shell necklaces and peace-emblazoned blazers were a real look and sound. And he CONTINUED to deliver that basically right up to the present. Will Smith is lucky we love him. We’re like the enabling family who will never tell you to stop. Jaden, please don’t learn how to rap from your dad. Better yet. Don’t rap.

You know what, no. You brought this on yourselves.

P.S. Awesomest thing EVER. First episode of season two of Parks and Recreation – Amy Poehler’s impromptu performance of PJDU.


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