I Was Walking With A Ghost

‘Member that time I kept a firefox tab open all day so I could inspire myself to write a blog post but then I just ignored it for several hours and eventually closed firefox altogether because I was gonna play more Sims 3?

But anyway! What’s going on is the following. Um. I have the desire to be working more than I am actually working over the past two days. If you’re anything like my husband, you’ll say, “So just write.” Then I’ll stare at you and sigh and stop mentioning it. It’s an unintelligible fuzziness/tension in my frontal lobe that has a desire to be linear enough to be written down which is not as yet linear. So it’s not really an option. This is what we in the bizz call, “crunch tiiiime”. Just kidding. I just wanted to quote The Break-Up. Stream of consciousness and all that.


So, the thing in which I have been making the most infinitesimal measure of progress is the series bible. Being on episode summary 5 and having not allowed myself to stop and actually compose an episode since number 2, I decided to make a character chart for my peoples and list their conflict (c) and reveal/revelation (r) for each episode. Easy way to see their arc and make a few decisions without having seen all of it play out. Aaaand this is another of those things I’d love to post. But for, you know, the sensitive information and all that jazz.

When I was growing up, a cousin of the kid that lived across the street – and who for a period lived there as well, I think – had a name that was pronounced Eu-dee. Like the French eu sound. Like deux. But just the eu sound. And then an abbreviated “dee” – or a quick one, at least. WTH, people. For serious.

Aaaand finally. The thing de resistance.

Right. That’s my tiny big sister, Jennifer. (Not to be confused with my little big sister, Ana.) So, here’s why I’m posting this picture – other than the fact that she’s gorgeous, of course. And that she has literally the softest hair on the face of the earth which is absolutely my favorite head of hair ever forever. Every woman probably has a favorite head of hair at some point in their life – some woman who they think looks eternally flawless in the coiffual region. She is mine. She also has the perfectest dimples. See, I’ve noticed that there are dimples that look like wounds – they make that hard shelf of cheek above themselves and basically look like scar tissue. And then there are Jennifer Garner dimples where you’re afraid to look directly at them because there’s a chance they go straight into the person’s face. Like you’ll see guts or something. And I just figured out why Jennifer (my Jennifer. I own her)’s dimples are perfect. They’re below her cheekbone, for one, leaving the roundness entirely intact.



9 thoughts on “I Was Walking With A Ghost

  1. Really what I said was more of a, “work on something else.” I know from past experience that saying “just write” wont get me anywhere but the doghouse.

    In other news, 4 out of 5 doctors recommend kissing as a remedy for mental obfuscation.


  2. 1.I really must start playing Sims 3 more.
    2.I want more [redacted, insert “pie”]!
    3.You know I’ve always loved how your hair remains dark and lovely in humidity, whilst mine tries to escape my head and I end up looking like the bride of Frankenstein. And your beauty marks are to die for.
    P.S. I heart you. You’re sweet.


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