Writing The Bible

Whoops. That should probably be lower case. (No hurty, baby Jesus.)

So, you guys know I love making packets/visual aids. I mean I love it. It’s not unlike book covers. They just make me happy. In the case of the packet though, it blends organization with creativity and encourages focus – because I just wanna look at it all the time. Typically, a packet document will stay perpetually open for the first week and a half.

I only have access to the first two I made, which are just not as fun and gorgeous – but you get the point. Well, maybe not. Those are pretty lackluster. WHAT.EVER. The point was that I’ve been working on the series bible for my tv show and it is ridiculously fulfilling. Mostly because it involves a packet and cover page. I love it. Basically decoding the series for the reader, the slang, the characters, the world in which you’ve placed them. And, having worked on a mac for a job that entailed creating marketing/advertising products, I must say, Microsoft Word 2007 is really all I need or want. I cannot say enough about that program. Other writers talk about the “writing programs” they use, which I’ll admit I didn’t even know existed. Like. Why would you need something more than a word program?! Seriously. For writing scripts, I use Scripped, but someone was talking about how awesome this other writing program was (for prose, mind you) and how it organized their characters and locations and junk. Um. What? Whatever. To each his own. (I say, sarcastically.)

Anyway, I realize I can’t really say anything else about the series bible but I just wanted to write about how much I lurve it. And how obnoxious I have been in showing it to my siblings. Look! Look at this! Isn’t it lovely! Look! Wanna look at this together?!  Since they all have gorgeous children, you can imagine it takes a smidge more than a pdf to excite them, but I am helpless to resist. I must share my drug.

Man. I wish I could just show it to you.

Le sigh.


8 thoughts on “Writing The Bible

  1. whenever you get really excited about a project, whether it be writing, family photos, or otherwise, you always put huge amounts of effort into it.

    And the crazy thing is, you do it so fast and make it look so good in that period of time that people think that kind of stuff is easy…until they try and do it themselves.

    Next on the list, The Family Home Decorating Bible: A Style to Live By.


    • Awww. Heart. (Hey, member the Indian kid from Captain Planet?!)

      Home Decorating Bible. Why did I not think of this? I can put all those pictures I’ve been collecting into a packet so I don’t remember what I love. (Hah.)


  2. Not the confession I was expecting. Oh well, moving on :P.

    PS: I put your damn NAME in the title of my last blog post.


    But seriously your description of your actions reminds me of the joy I take in putting together a world. If only I could get paid for that and just skip the writing! …


    • 🙂 You DID?! 🙂 It must be brand new! Teeheeteehee!

      Well, if it’s any consolation, there’s no way your book could be engaging if I didn’t 100% believe that the author knows this world completely. And it is engaging. So you must. 🙂


  3. Well, having just composed one of my own, knowing how many hours went into perfecting it, I must say…project “bibles” or inspiration boards/books are the only way to sensibly compose your thoughts for a big creative project. I love sharing your work with you!! 😀


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