If Music Be The Fruit Of Love

Replaying music in a loop – sometimes one song is all I get. The amazing part is how the song – while I need it, to stay in that exact state of mind and mood – is incapable of getting old. I might never be able to listen to it again, but for that trance period, it’s so precise. It’s exactly what I need.

I listened to this one song the entire time I transposed a vignette into its new shape and every time I started the song again, it was perfect. Not even familiar. It sounded as new as the next sentence.

Of course, it’s not all good news – I got to the end of the available material. And um. My notes end in something like bullets indicating the subject of the next few scenes. Um. In two words. Like this. New Patient. Gail. Right. And since I last worked on this in 2005. I know exactly what those words mean. O_O I would have to be functionally retarded to really not have written notes about those scenes somewhere. Go go gadget external hard drive search.

Is it cheating, you ask, to claim a good writing day from transposing and reconnecting with old materials? No. Why would you even think.

6 thoughts on “If Music Be The Fruit Of Love

  1. Why is it that when I hear a song I really like, I want to listen to ONLY THAT SONG and other songs that I normally love are inadequate? I just listen to the SAME SONG over and over again.

    But once I’m over that, the song is lost to me forever.

    Surely this is a moronic way to enjoy music.


  2. The great thing about your music taste, Bethany, is that I never know what the next “thing” will be that you listen to in a loop, however, it always suits your style.

    I guess you’re just eckallectic (Bushism) like that.


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