Talking Without Telling

O_O Nine months has passed in record time. And yet, it seems like forever ago that I was living in California. I must say – aloud so that I can prove once and for all whether or not something can be “jinxed” – that I still want this city to be home. So strange to go from believing that feeling would never happen to adjusting one’s fantasies/direction so that they don’t take me away from Montreal. All of this explains also why I’m finally interested in having a home. Although if it were up to me, I’d just kick out the other occupants of this beautiful building and return it to a single family concept. Mmmmmlovely.

So, nine months later, what have we learned. *I still don’t miss driving. *I’ve only lived through the mildest winter. (Meaning I only know that I love it here – I don’t know if a few years without consistent sunshine – even during the spring/summer – can slowly degrade that love.) *My son speaks his new language well (in our opinion) but can’t afford to go a whole summer without a french activity! *If I love someone, I pressure him/her/them to move to this city. *My allegiance remains with America (and always will), particularly when it comes to football. O_O

But what else have I to say, ask ye. (I’m the Sea Captain.) Well, that novella contest ends tomorrow and I haven’t so much as opened the relevant document. But I’m rather excited about why not. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it, but last summer I wrote a concept that I subsequently decided to write as a television pilot (60 minute drama). To be honest, my mentor, Marco, suggested it after reading my free-write. This is why I love him. As soon as he said it, I knew that’s what it was. Anyway, I didn’t start writing the thing for a while because at the time I was in the middle of revising TMLA for a contest. (Once again – contests are awesome. Win or lose, your work looks great.) After which I was revising Callisto’s Charm. ANYWAY THE POINT IS – I didn’t immediately start writing it. In my head, of course, there was work. But there was also research for querying, research I did on the way pilots have been handled in the genre (who did it well, what I didn’t like) – watching my favorite shows and timing acts and mapping story arcs to see how they handled reveals, etc. It was pretty fun, I must say. There were no “answers”, but a lot of observation.

Anyway, I finished my pilot and kept on writing. Couldn’t help it. I just finished writing the second episode and it’s so amusing (not the episode, the me). When I made my film in college, I didn’t enjoy the fashion in which one writes a script (as in, the format, etc). It seemed impossible to get into the trances to which I was accustomed with my literature. Trances are a lot of why I love to write, so give them up, I cannot. But then I started writing this show. And it’s seeming like the most fun. O_O I love it. Seriously. Lurve. I just finished writing the second episode and I just want to keep going indefinitely. Clearly it’s because of the story(ies), but it’s just funny to think back seven years ago when I couldn’t stomach writing in script format and now it just being what I want to do whenever I’m not already doing it. Preparation is a big deal (and everything I say about process is only referring to mine, of course) but the characters still surprise me the way they do when I’m trancing free-style. I’ll be following my notes and someone will say something I didn’t know they were going to say. And I love it.



5 thoughts on “Talking Without Telling

  1. To be fair to Montreal, it has many of the things you already knew you were looking for in a city/home: old world architecture; french language and culture; four seasons; urban living, etc.

    My favorite thing thus far is the efficacy of public transit here. Every downtown area should make it a priority. Maybe not subterranean PT, but reliable and efficient none the less.

    I am so happy you have found somewhere you like though. Things that make you happy make me happy.


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