Short and Snooty

Today in “Things one does not benefit from hearing in a rejection letter”:  that the agent “admired” your writing. Prithee. What am I to do with that little tidbit? Perhaps agent (assistant, let’s be real) thought it was better to write that than to not write it. Truth time? I’m ambivalent. The message is the same. You don’t need it. You know what, you don’t even need a salutation. Or signature. Just a good ole fashion “nope” will do. I liken these little attempts at flattery to an offer to sleep with someone you’ve just informed you won’t marry. Unsavory, nearly offensive and often times, accepted. That’s a problem, too. Someone who wanted you that badly might take you up on your pity pat. I, however, must purse my lips and lower my lids to half-mast. Pretending to thank you would dishonor us both.

“snooty huff”

Though several of you have in fact had great acceptances recently (!!!), I invite you to tell of any nuggets of flattery in rejection letters.

8 thoughts on “Short and Snooty

  1. One said “this actually sounds quite interesting”. Which I take to mean they expected it would be conceptual drek, but wasn’t? But you know, I’ll take a compliment, it shows they at least took out the time to send a non-form letter. After all the time I (and writers) spend putting together queries, I think any kind of personal note in a rejection letter is nice – at minimum, it shows that they put a little time into it.


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