The Colors, children! The Colors!

Those that don’t got it, can’t show it. Those that got it, can’t hide it. – Zora Neale Hurston

Do you ever wonder if people said the things we credit them with saying? I wonder that sometimes. Thankfully, no one is recording him or herself all the time nor does he or she have a witness with them. So there’s no way to prove they didn’t say it. Which is all that matters. New obsession: fabricating quotes and assigning them to noted, late figures. OH! Or: fabricating quotes and then assigning them mundane (and also fabricated) authors.

I cannot lose this stupid baby bulge. – Clarissa Marshall

Aaaanywhom. I wanted to write last night but then I would’ve had to open a new firefox tab and go to my dashboard and then open a new post. So you can see the jam I was in. But if I’d traversed the gauntlet and written, it would have been about the way I feel after writing. Mmmm. Night before last, I lost track of time. At one point it was just after nine and I was glad to be a little tired and then the next minute it was after 2am. Then last night, I wrote a seen in my script wip and was all giddy and dopamined-up. You know that scene where Marge has just finished writing The Harpooned Heart and she falls back against the sink, breathing heavily and recklessly gulping from a glass of wine? Like that. Except for the sink, romance novel writing and wine consumption. I was just sitting on my bed, smiling retardedly, feeling euphoric and giggly. I love loving a scene that much.

We could talk about the comedown and how it’s sometimes related directly to a scene that induced such euphoria. But then I’d just call you Captain Bringdown and suck my teeth at you. For bringing me down. Why can’t you just be happy for me.



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