Just To Make It To Day

I’m not going to post the article headline that prompted this thought because I don’t want to become enraged when I see that someone has actually clicked it. We don’t require any explanation for headlines that basically say “People Are Naming Children After Characters From Badly Written Books So Much As To Have In A Very Short Time Changed The Top Baby Name Of The Past Year”.

Let me just say this about that. This had better mean that there were a ton of babies born to thirteen year olds in the past year. I’m serious. That is honestly a more palatable explanation than this:

Dear Sweet Savior Jesus.

Come home soon.




10 thoughts on “Just To Make It To Day

  1. I can’t view the picture but I did just finish reading the article in which you are referring to… yeaaahhh…. we are definitely a nurtured society; dependent on external influences. Sorry, all this is stuck in my head from psychology class. I have some chick in the class who thinks she is not, in any way, influenced by society…… right. She got three extra … for that.


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