Writification (Or Link-happy)

Well, I was planning to submit to another contest on the 15th of this month, which may well still happen. But let’s just say I’ve done absolutely nothing to that end and today’s the 3rd. (Birthday shout-out to Daddy John.) Anywhom, first the thing to which I plan(ned) to submit and the thing I’m claiming as my procrastinatory vehicle.

Thing 1: A novella competition on at Failbetter.com. You know how I roll so there’s no entry fee. As you may remember (let’s amuse ourselves that you discover and retain endless informations about me, yes?), I’ve enjoyed writing novellas in the past. Which totally makes me wanna talk about them, but alas, tis not the point. Mkay, so anyway, my plan is to formulate the short story in progress into an alternate novella version. Rather to take the concept and outline a novella version. This is easier than it sounds for some reason – which is to say that, for some reason, it’s seeming difficult to make clear.  Of course, it’d be even easier if I were actually doing it. Heh.

Thing 2: I’m not doing this because (lots of things). And one of those things is writing the summary of my second episode. (And peripherally the third, by way of things to which those lead.) I haven’t talked much about the pilot I’ve been writing or the concept, back when I wrote it, which I’m sure is for obvious reasons. But I lurve it. Lurve. And. I guess that’s all about that.

Ezra’s reading me a story, so.

Good night. Good night, little dinosaur.

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