I like-a the Sims 3

I know I owe you a post and it has to be a real one and I can’t just regurgitate news story or berate Yahoo! editors… I guess. So…I suppose I’ll give you this:

That’s right. That’s my Simsimized (?) family, celebrating Ezra’s birthday in the park. Right before he became a teenager. (Wipes tear.) So…I’ve begun playing Sims 3. If you’ve been to my Contact page, you know that I was a fan of Sims 2. And Husband bought me the new one a few months ago but, until we got a second laptop, I couldn’t run it for more than fifteen minutes. And once I had that squared, well, I just didn’t know how I felt about it. Josh is sure it’s a “sequel”, which makes like no sense. It’s a next generation, which isn’t the same thing. And it’s completely not the previous one – which for one means all those expansions and characters and hairstyles are useless here. And I thought, well, I’m sure most people will just continue playing both. My sister, JenJen, seemed to continue playing Sims 1 after getting Sims 2… but one thing that makes a bigger difference than I ever expected? Not waiting for loading screens. *Angelic choirs singing Frabjous Day*

The fact that the town is alive = awesome. The job tracks = awesome. Personality traits actually having an impact on how well they complete tasks and get along = awesome. The fact that relationships can actually be sacred now = awesome. The fact that it doesn’t take a million years to grow up = awesome. Kind of. I mean, I’m the sort who maybe wants her households to go on forever. In Sims 2, I kept meticulous photo albums in game. O_O Hey, I’m a storyteller. So I usually had aging off unless there was a baby. In which case, after a couple days, I just cheated it to a child or teen. Because come on. Get a move on, yo. (Which also brings me to the fact that the only cheat I know of at this point is “motherlode” to get 50k simoleons… but there’s nothing necessitating the use of cheats in Sims 3 really!)

Okay, almost nothing. So the not awesome. A, those huge censor grids are still wicked annoying. Is anyone really that offended by Sim nudity? Sim Ezra was in the bathtub and I almost couldn’t even see his head. O_o Come on. Prolly gonna have to find the cheat for that, if they’ve got one yet. B, the men’s hair choices. O_O Erm. Vraiment? They are HORRIBLE, as are the facial hair options. I mean, the mustaches literally look like you’ve scribbled above the guy’s lip. The beards look like painted messes. The one non-straight hair option (for me, because the cornrows work for me not at all) is a short “afro” that makes everyone’s head shape look wonky. O_O And, hi, my white husband has curly hair. Can you grasp that not everyone wants to play with straight hair options? So that whole thing was just surprising. I had to give him the buzzed hair style until I remembered that I got free Simpoints with my game purchase! And oh the fun that did ensue.

Now, granted I only purchased one male hair style thus far – but everyone I create will no doubt have it because man alive – but the women’s hair styles I got made me evah so happeh! Super. Cute. They have a steampunk collection that is deLISH. I highly recommend it.

Anyway. The game’s amazing.


13 thoughts on “I like-a the Sims 3

  1. I have to confess that I’ve barely played the game other than to make the characters (oh the outfits!…I’ve had to get really creative and it’s so satisfying :P). That’s my fave part of the game. HEH.


    • Making the characters is at least 1/3 of my motivation. So much so that I’m playing my family but creating other people (to dress and make awesome hair decisions) to live around us. 🙂 Love the living town.


  2. I need Sims 3. I just remember how giddy I used to be integrating my textile files into the game, and creating the most jamazing custom furniture and wallpaper. Beth used to be SO jealous…now I’m the one who’s jealous. WAAAAAAAHHHHH!


  3. Oh my! How do you do it? I can barely manage my real life! How do you manage a real life and a computer life?


    In my computer life I’d be a published author. Successful. With a London flat and a cottage in the countryside. And regular trips to…

    Ah. I understand the appeal.


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