Thursday Tidbits 2

You probably did not notice, but yikes. I haven’t had consistent access to my laptop for like ever. My hubby has this thing about somehow having a laptop that’s newer than mine that looks like it went through an action sequence with Indiana Jones and also is kaput. So, seeing as they like for you to write lots of stuff in grad school, he’s been using mine instead of being merely a shadow presence in our lives and typing away on campus.  And this has just not been working well. Because the only thing worse than being head-sick (not like…dementia…like head-cold sick) is being bored. And if you know me, the only way I could be bored is if I didn’t have my fifth limb. I.e., my laptop.

Anyway, somehow, through this trying time, I’ve been able to “finish” my pilot episode, stay pretty much abreast of this here bloggy, perhaps not commenting as much as I like to elsewhere but I don’t have as much reading and perusing time. Collecting lots of feedback, querying (kinda?) for the YA novel and literary novel, researching, trying to read other people’s work when I have a laptop and a mind to, doing grant app stuff for this new semester – most of which is done, bloop bloop bloop. Oh, that last one was me picturing Homer in a salamander suit pooping tennis balls.

Sooo, anywho. That’s what’s up.

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