Let’s Go To The Movies, Annie

So the other  night, I watched two movies back-to-back. This is the kind of thing one does when one’s husband is at the end of a strenuous semester of graduate school and said husband’s laptop died whilst he was still an undergraduate and one must either take to drinking (to fall asleep on command, is all) or watch movies. And there’s nothing wrong with movie watching – husband and I used to go the movies at least twice a week during our first year of marriage – or at least there wouldn’t be if I’d bought a movie in the last year. (Husband and I used to buy four movies at a time a couple years ago.)

The point is I watched A Mighty Wind. And then Children of Men. Let me try and illustrate this.

And then:

Right. So there was a trailer there but wordpress or youtube is being stupid. Clickity click, if you wanna see it.

Because. Well, you know. Unlike with literature, my tastes are all over the board. And occasionally I feel slightly bipolar and want them at once. That and when I’m working, the latter is much more engaging. More my headspace.

But, to be honest, if I owned Waiting For Guffman – and don’t bother asking why I don’t because I DON’T. KNOW. and it’s the bane of my existence – I would probably have chosen that over A Mighty Wind. Which is blowin’ you and me.  PS – I really need to go to the bloody movie theater.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Movies, Annie

  1. Christopher Guest is growing on me. I have to admit I hated his stuff at first, but I guess that is just your humor rubbing off on me honey.

    And we always like the same kind of epic action movies. Oh the benefits of having a wife who hates chick flicks.


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