You Fix Now.

‘Member that time that we talked about defining our genres in a query letter? (It happened over here and we all had a good time.) Well, apparently, we didn’t really close that book for me. Let me try and be clear(er) about the problem. A very popular digression when the term “literary fiction” comes up is the question of someone wanting/trying to write literary fiction. (And that my friends is the sentence that proves itself.) Here’s where we actually find ourselves (I’m British now. Or Borg.): in these times that try, how attractive is a literary fiction query? Right. Yes, they have staying power. But you know the thing about staying power? It’s staying. Meaning, it has to get there first.

This is the best picture you've ever seen.

So, what I had wanted (yep, you heard me). In querying The One, I suddenly wondered if there’s any, honest way I could frame the genre, not to exclude literary but to … make it more palatable? So, I once again started trolling the webz  to find definitions that would somehow fix my problem. This one over at The Writer’s Group was quite clear. If not helping me manipulate genre definitions. And of course we always appreciate a definition of literary fiction that doesn’t say anything condescending or mean-spirited. (Y’all do need to work out them issues, particularly because writers are said to be heavy drinkers…just sayin. Not a good combo.)

Anyway. Nothing solved.

And finally, you guys really need to blog more. See, aside from endlessly refreshing my own admin pages, I like to read blogs. Get on that, mkaythanx. ❤ ❤ ❤ and bubble gum!


12 thoughts on “You Fix Now.

  1. I’ll never understand this. And good thing I’m not a writer or agent because I’d be like “to hell with it! Its Literary and Womens Fiction and whatever else I say it is!”:-P (I would actually stick out my tongue)


  2. Perhaps your MS is upmarket?

    I have one to add to Miss Snark’s up/downmarket comparisons.

    Upmarket – Bethany
    Downmarket – ABlankWhitePage

    It has something to do with the gin. And, I daresay, the frequency of blog posts.


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