Subway Sightings

Things one observes on the subway in Montreal on a Thursday around 1pm.

She seemed weirded out. But she's the one singing in the subway.

(1) Lots of boots. What can I say, boots are made for walkin’. Saw a couple pairs I’d like to yoink. Also saw a few people who forgot to put pants on with said boots. Leggings were never pants and particularly not when they’re becoming sheer in the buttock-region. O_O Grab some sense.

(2) Acne. Lots.

(3) Oily hair. Piled on top of heads. Not all heads belonged to females either.

(4) Staring. Lots. And lots. Of staring. I think the only other place I’ve ever had this measure of staring is in New York. Lemme put it this way, the average American does not stare quite like that. “I’d like to give you five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.”

(5) And for the second time, a couple flanking the turnstiles holding posters of Obama with a Hitler ‘stache and something about Fascisme and health care – this in a county with national health care? I’m more than a little confused but if you breathe in their direction, even out of confoundedness, they attack. So I pretend I’m listening to music, even when I don’t have my iPod. Oh and to put this in perspective, the other poster they hold? It’s for the Republic of Canada, urging Canadians to begin moon colonization now.

That’s all the stupid I can take in one sitting.


7 thoughts on “Subway Sightings

  1. A plethora of acne and oily hair. Sounds a lot like Portland! I’m mostly joking. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with the unnerving staring, though. I only had that issue when I was around large groups of Hispanic men. Not fun.

    Not even going to get into the Hitler thing. UGH.


  2. Seen on the tube:

    Businessman with black pinstripe suit, pink-checked shirt, orange and blue polka-dot tie, and brown shoes.

    Not just black suit with brown shoes (the horror), but also stripes, checks, AND polka-dots.

    Tube workers are still trying to clean up the bits of brain tissue that followed my MASSIVE HEAD EXPLOSION!!!


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