If Ever I Should Leave You

That’s just what my song-association disorder brought to my head when I thought: If ever you should need a topic on which to blog. Go to Yahoo and scroll through the Today features. You will quickly remember why it doesn’t matter that you don’t watch tv or read entertainment/gossip articles – and it’ll make you honestly wonder who the target audience could possibly be.

In no particular order: a standing cat that’s “flooring the internet” today. (Face-palm) Letterman makes a “hilarious” offer to the coach of some dude with whom you’d be familiar if you watched tv or read the news, possibly sports related. (Deadpan) Game show contestant being hailed as the “Chinese Susan Boyle”. (Continued deadpan with optional commentary) Jessica Simpson purposely goes without make-up and touch-ups for somebody’s cover. (Not optional commentary: First of all, maybe I’m not the best person to ask about this but I’m pretty sure Jessica Simpson is no longer relevant and that no one remembers to whom you’re even referring right now. Aside from which, the abhorrent level of  hungry one must experience to try to spin a publicity story – again for someone who’s of no interest to ANYONE –  out of another publicity story – which is weird because, as seeing as noone knows who the heck she is anymore, how did she get a cover?! – is just horrifying! Aside from which, what are we supposed to learn about someone and how “courageous” they are – I am calling it ahead of time, this equals her being courageous and authentic despite the last two decades of her life – based on them FINALLY going without clown make-up and why are we supposed to believe that this really will result in a cover that hasn’t been airbrushed. How many times have we heard that only to see the cover and be like, “really?” ‘Cause no.) Oh wait. (Vicious hurling, as well.)

Now that we’ve covered the news – which I didn’t actually click, I just read the little blurb so lemme know if that Chinese kid has his own name or if his name really does begin with Chinese….

I got nuthin.


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