Wake Up, #37

One more time? “Releasing dishwasher detergent so advanced… you won’t have to pre-rinse!” I feel like Dishwasher Detergents have been making that promise for years. Seriously. How precisely do you get space travel right (we did that, yeah?) before dishwashers? Focus, people. Stop worrying about glitzy taglines like “the diamond standard” when you can’t get oatmeal crust off the bowl.

Selling Lucid Dreams? How very Vanilla Sky of you. But seriously, I had no idea this was such a hot commodity. I will admit that there are certain things that are normal to me that I assume are normal to everyone. A brief history of my life would provide such examples as wearing poodle skirts to elementary school (starting at the end of the 1980s), dreaming about replacing Jane Powell in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,

and memorizing Twelfth Night. Also, you know how when you remember something (in your mind) and you have to make an audible noise (in real life) to “cover it”? That’s normal. Oh, and how you videotape parodies of commercials with your siblings and Serrana and also turn these in as video book reports because there’s a twenty-seven second sliver in which you actually talked about the book (it’s somewhere between the Encyclopedia Britannica spot and the ad for Java City)? That’s normal.

So anyway, I would say six out of seven nights I have dreams in which I am aware that I am dreaming and in which I manipulate the situation, sometimes even staving off consciousness to get to a desired end. I do have restrictions in these dreams – like I routinely have trouble flying or gliding for long periods of time because of…yeah, gravity. So I will have to come down and propel myself back up, usually. Also, sometimes my speed is frustrating – which can often be fixed by imagining the destination several times which somehow shortens the distance I’m trying to cover. Oh and if I want to see someone in my dream, I will usually just think ahead to them showing up and eventually they show.

The thing is that I’m also not always in control, whether I know I’m dreaming or not. I don’t know if this is because I don’t assert control, though. Sometimes I just go along for the ride, though if something becomes disturbing – usually having to do with my safety – I will decide to end it. I open my eyes increasingly wider over and over in the dream until I start seeing slits of real life – meaning I’m literally blinking – which either wakes me up completely or starts that dream melting into something different.

Okay, worse part of these dreams is waking up still tasting something rancid that got in my mouth (this comes up more than you’d think) and also having the horrible sensation of falling. Typically, if I fall on my own, I don’t have it as bad. But if I’m standing on something – a tower, a building – and it falls, I have the absolute worst somersault-stomach-eating-itself-and-concurrent-distortion-of-equilibrium feeling. Blech. I hates it, precious.

I also have multiple, movie length dreams a night and remember them pretty vividly. Not always immediately, but usually something will occur throughout the beginning of my day that will remind me of some psyche/sensory memory that will lead me back to the circumstances in the dream. And then I blog about them sometimes.


6 thoughts on “Wake Up, #37

  1. I spent a good year or two trying to figure out how to reliably have lucid dreams. I tried several herbal supplements and mixtures… I think I even tried some of the sound stuff via headphones. Unfortunately, I suck as a dreamer. Evidently.


  2. Hmmm. So most people don’t have lucid dreams?

    Bethany, its starting to creep me out that you write stuff about me but say you’re writing about yourself.

    The main reason I love sleeping is because of my dreams. Usually, while I’m laying, waiting to go to sleep, I think about whatever it is I want to dream about and majority of the time that works. I am conscious of being able to change my actions and course of events in my dreams as well. There’s one I kept wanting to post on fb but it was too detailed.


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