8 thoughts on “I’s Sick

  1. 1. Oh oh. I fear I may be one of these Thompson-esque aspiring writers. Except I a) don’t need gin, just think it’s delicious, b) derive absolutely no writing help from said gin (actually, if I’ve had gin, there will be no writing), and c) am actually a normal, sensible person with a normal,sensible career, able to carry out normal, sensible conversations. Don’t think this is such a rare talent for a (aspiring) writer.

    2. Well, same. After above insistence of normality and sensibility, you could certainly guess that the only voice in my head is my own.

    4. (??four? Why four???) Yes, get better! Tea with lemon and honey! I am very sad that you are sick! Gutted. Get better right away!
    And keep blogging (okay, you can take a break if you are sick, I suppose, but don’t stay away too long)!


    • Lol – okay so (1) I think that means you’re *not*.

      (4) Perhaps now’s a good time to introduce you to my brother-in-law. That’s why four. 🙂

      I will keep blogging, I promise. Perhaps every *other* day for now? :)I find that my subject matter while having head pain is the stupidity of others. Which, you know. Might alienate people.


  2. First, feel better. Second, damn – I really do hear voices in my head. Maybe I’m the one that’s sick.

    (shut up, don’t write that people will think you’re crazy and they might take away your pen & paper so you can’t hurt yourself any longer. No, you shut up, I don’t want to shut up. Just leave me alone for five minutes, will ya?)

    Where was I? Oh yeah, crazy….

    Again, feel better!



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