Goodnight, Mrs. Stanley, Wherever You Are

In junior high, I was in the after school writing club. And on the debate team, but that’s neither here nor there. Mostly because I totally forgot the membership in both until just now. Even though I took second in the district debate tournament and wrote a whole new speech on how utterly ridiculous and unjust it was for the first place winner to have been applauded for her illegal use of props. Said prop was an American flag. She was also wearing denim on top and on bottom, if that paints a clear enough picture. And she was from Rio Linda. I’m just saying. (And it totally reminded me of the time when Lisa and the Springfield Elementary school band got trumped by the Ogdenville Elementary band who ALSO illegally used props. WHICH were also patriotic. LAME.) I also spent many a day after school practicing in the band room for some recital or other, in which why did I always need to be in at least two ensembles? I wasn’t that good, in case you were wondering. Of course, neither was anyone else…

Wow. Let’s start again: In junior high, I was in the after school writing club. The GATE English teacher – we only had one set of teachers for both years – was Mrs. Stanley. She wrote a couple of episodes for Star Trek Voyager. Which, in my book, was freakin’ AWESOME. I caught at least one of them because I remember screaming when I saw her name. She was pretty cool. (Wish I could say the same for the kids.) And – after checking the current school directory and not finding her – I’m all out of ideas on how to find her. To…say hi? Huh. Hadn’t thought that far ahead.

Still not what I was planning to write. Man. Okay, since I’ve already digressed so horribly, can I at least tell you that according to Kevin Hart’s fan page on Facebook, there is really supposed to be some woman named Kaknesha? KAK.NESHA. KAKNESHA. KAKNESHA.


I can’t.

Except Kaknesha, people.

Dang it, why does that keep happening?! So ANYWAY, I remember walking up to Mrs. Stanley’s desk – either in English or during one of our writing club meetings – and handing something in. Somehow or other – or else entirely randomly, which is definitely a possibility – I told her that others didn’t think it was a great idea but that I wouldn’t mind being a starving artist. Which was less about romanticizing Les Deux Magots and moreso about refusing to entertain the snarky “rhetorical” question: Can you pay your bills being a writer? She quickly answered, while typing like a madwoman – she always seemed to be looking elsewhere while writing – “You’ll never starve.” And that was that. How I would love to run into her now (that I’m so flush?). Though, my being in Montreal, the chances of that happening don’t seem too good.

So I thought of her when I read this article. It’s. Basically, an article on desperation. “Hungry people want you to do business with them. Starving people need you to do business with them.” I guess I should’ve said hungry.

And, finally, having at long last reached the point of this blog, I shall end with this: an article about the growing Christian YA market. Sweet.


6 thoughts on “Goodnight, Mrs. Stanley, Wherever You Are

  1. I LOVE the tag People I Should Slap…just love it. And a teacher that wrote for Star Trek – that is freakin awesome. I had some cool teachers, but not that cool. 🙂

    I’m enjoying reading your posts….you may think you’re going off on a tangent, but I can follow you. 🙂


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