Worse Than Nothing

Everyone needs a break now and then. And after a couple of weeks with the pedal to the metal (petal to the medal…strange image…what would that even mean, I wonder….sorry), I am enjoying not doing much. Okay, well, clearly I’m still blogging and reading and commenting and doing my administrative stuff and looking over the odd document for someone… but what I mean is that I let myself breath from the schedule to which I previously adhered. So why this nervous energy? Is this what television is for? Yes. (I’ll answer for you.) Yes, it is. This is also what running is for – for those of you whose bodies and circulatory systems don’t keep you from it. I hate to exercise but I’d love to run. The (assumed) freedom and (again, assumed) clarity. Le sigh.

So anyway, I’m chewing gum like a billy goat and clicking back and forth between tabs and trying to remember why I’m not writing that dark story that I now could be writing. It’s been in my mind. But I’m so zealous to partake in this “freedom” that I’m making myself crazy with potential energy. And why do I get this desire to run at night? Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

Yep. That just happened. That’s how sure I am that you don’t know what potential energy looks like. OR, more likely, that is how flittertygibbet I am right now. I looked up a google image of “pendulum potential energy” and posted it. You’re welcome.

I’m not telling my husband because he’ll say, “Why don’t you just write.” And then I’ll do that thing where I roll my eyes and guffaw at him like, “Well, because, obviously.”


2 thoughts on “Worse Than Nothing

  1. Running…freedom: yes. Clarity: yes.

    But also:

    Two steps in, massive trip and face-plant into pavement. Directly in front of bus-stop.

    The staring. The undercurrent of stifled laughter.

    The SHAME.


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