The Mystery Box!!!! (Update!)

What shall we find inside?! Why, random detritus and varied knickerknack, of course!

I need this in my life:

It’s a roll-top secretary desk. Gorg. Le sigh. For today’s image, I’d intended to show you the print I have from the now defunct (or so I thought except they have it in Canada!) Bombay Company. It’s of a calligraphy pen atop a piece of parchment with the words Union Pacific printed as the letterhead. They had this one, one of a typewriter. I intended to collect them all, of course. But I was in LURVE with the pen and made a big enough deal of it that I received two prints of the pen that Christmas. 🙂 Of course, I could have taken one back and gotten a different print. But then I wouldn’t have the loveliness in two rooms!

Speaking of obsessions – aside from the ones my twin, tiny big sister Jennifer and I have already mentioned herehere and here…and here – did anyone else “antique” their own paper using tea and the shower curtain rod. I assume everyone. Looking at that beautious desk somehow brought that to mind.

Update: I have found my (6,095th) raison d’etre!

Mother. Of. Mercy.


And finally, the thing de resistance: The AskAgent transcript for March 18th and 19th. If you didn’t get a chance to partake (which I didn’t), you can read all 85 pages! Lots of great agents/editors/publishing people making time for yet another unpaid service. Anyone who isn’t taking advantage of the social media way of life is really missing out – and there’s pretty much no excuse. Lots of the questions didn’t pertain to me, as I’m sure is true for everyone, but it was still really interesting. Highlights (for me) included agents talking about googling queriers and checking out their internet presence. It’s definitely interesting to me since I finally posted excerpts – speaking of which, Callisto’s Charm is now the proper version, long story for an aside – and is also one of the reasons I am so jazzed about my readership. (Big thank you and welcome to all of you, btw. I will keep asking you to comment, if you haven’t already!) The advice to take things down once you’re signed seems pretty “duh”, but you know it was preceded by a question, so…

Other highlights (seeing as I made it plural up there):*shrug* It’s just fun. Read it.

Things I didn’t realize so many people were “concerned” over: trends. I don’t see how that’s horribly relevant to me. It never occurred to me that people would intentionally try to write to a trend. Of course, people being curious as to what the trends are doesn’t mean they’re actually doing that. So. Touche, Bethany. Aaaand again – read it for yourself.

And finally. If you don’t watch this. We can’t be friends. Silverman: Little Miss Rainbow.


11 thoughts on “The Mystery Box!!!! (Update!)

  1. By the end of your life our entire house is going to be covered from floor to ceiling with things that inspire your writing. I am waiting for the day when you buy ME footy pjs with typewriters printed all over them. And Bethany will find a photo of them in 5…4…3…2


  2. OKAY. o_O That desk? That ring? Sweet Moses. LURVE. I love that I know exactly what I’m getting you for your birthday/Christmas for the rest of your life. 🙂
    P.S. I also antiqued Daddy’s mirrors! 🙂


    • Still they’re cousins (except not really)! Identical cousins (nope) and you’ll find: they laugh alike (kinda?), they walk alike (naw), at times they even talk alike (so we’re told), you could lose your mind (why would you)! When cousins (who are really sisters) are two of a kind!!!!!!!!


      • I. just. peed. m’self.
        Thanks for that. And then I sang the Patty Duke theme song with gusto and Andy nodded and said, “You’re precious baby.”


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