Morning Joe Makes Me Lose My Lunch

If you can make it through this entire video, I applaud you. You’ll face a gauntlet of obstinate ignorance (“statistical fact”…um… facts don’t have percentages, for one), unprofessionalism (I’m referring to the host in all of these) and finally – by which I mean right before I turned it off – an absolute lack of tact and humanity. “If public schools are so great (in 2010) then why’d your mother pulled strings to get you out of NY public schools (in the 1960s and the person being addressed is Black)!”

If you don’t understand exactly HOW ridiculous that statement and how absolutely unacceptable that an argument on the state of public schools in NY would suddenly become personal and crass… I don’t know what to tell you. The fact that this man is gainfully employed while spouting such ugliness under the guise of intelligent and critical thought is nearly enraging.

For every person who has ever told me that they’re tired of talking about race – so are we. It seems we cannot have a civilized conversation – after years of higher education, endless qualification and experience – without it becoming a factor, however. At what point did this guest’s own childhood come under fire? At what point was the insensitivity of bringing up desegregation that personally affected that guest permissible? At what point did anyone else sitting around that table decide, that was low brow. I don’t know. I didn’t finish the video.


5 thoughts on “Morning Joe Makes Me Lose My Lunch

  1. I liked how the “study” said the students are 21% more likely to graduate high school and the guest pointed out that none of the have even graduated high school yet (the oldest are in 11th grade)! lol. So rude, the “host” never let him finish any of sentences/thoughts.


    • All of which were thin covers for the whole “I’m not sure what we’re talking about but I’m gonna assume my co-host will jump in and lambaste you before I have to prove I’m a vapid piece of arm-candy” thing.


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