Ease On Down

I guess I should stop blowing spit bubbles and actually write something here.

[An hour later]

Hey. What’s up. So I guess it’s not immediately obvious when I’m (a) joking, (b) exaggerating or (c) quoting a movie. About this I plan to do: nothing. Absolutely nothing. I’m just going to keep doing it. I’ll try to give you a heads-up at least after the fact, if I haven’t moved on to something entirely unrelated.

If you’re wondering when the subject matter of this blog changed so dramatically, it was probably when I stopped binge-ing (the other way seems wrong) on my two gossip sites. I intended to fast them for three days and that was several months ago. I miss the ridiculousness but can rationally say that it added nothing to my life. So, aside from also restraining myself from telling you every single thing that happens in my house or posting pictures of my deliciousness (child-god), you’re just kinda left with me now. I don’t watch TV anymore except what shows on A&E.com or that simpsons site that I refuse to mention because if it gets taken down, I shall cry. Which accounts for why I don’t talk about the news as much. That and I can only be indignant at so many parents destroying their children before I just burn out. So, suddenly, the one thing about which I never wrote (my writing) is now the thing about which I write most. *reading rainbow transition music*

So. What’s up with you.


7 thoughts on “Ease On Down

  1. I have a solution for the randomness of quotes and what have you. When quoting actually quote as if it were an academic text. Such as “I desperately want to make love to a school boy” (Dumb and Dumber, year).

    Also, rip into bad parents all you want. If everyone was a concerned parent the world would be a better place


  2. Bethany,

    I don’t know everything about the querying process but what little I do know I will happily share. I will try to discern when you are serious and when I think it a serious post on writing, I will comment. Otherwise I will read and enjoy silently. I follow because I want to know what happens in your journey towards publication and will root for your success. I read CC and LOVED IT!
    this is from Nathan Bransford’s agent blog.


    Dear Blog Readers,

    This is how you format an e-mailed query letter. Note that I did not begin with the recipient’s address or my address or the date, as that is not customary for an e-mail. I also am not indenting because indenting and e-mails do not mix.

    I am using block formatting. I double space between paragraphs but otherwise the query is single-spaced. It is written in a default font, it is left-justified, and the font is a normal size. If I have copied from a word processing program or past e-mail I am careful to make sure the fonts and sizes match. I haven’t added pictures or tried to get fancy with anything because I want the agent to see that I’m confident in my words and don’t need any gimmicks to make my query stand out.

    Believe it or not, less than 25% of the e-queries I receive are properly formatted. While you won’t get rejected if your query is incorrectly formatted, if you accomplish this simple task correctly you will convey an indispensable aura of professionalism. And remember: the amount of time you spend formatting, coloring, bolding, italicizing, and adding pictures to your query is inversely proportional to how professional it looks when you’re finished.

    Nathan Bransford (note that I didn’t leave space for a signature since it’s an e-mail)

    My address
    My phone number
    My e-mail address
    (optional: my website/blog)

    First 5 pages of the manuscript – don’t worry about how these are formatted just do the best you can

    I think he reps literary, but you’ll need to check his web site.


  3. Also, take a look http://nathanbransford.com/about/

    He does rep LF!

    I realize you have a fav agent, but I’ve been following Nathan’s blog for about two years and he seems likeable and knowledgeable. The more you query the greater the chance of striking gold. He’s my fav and he reps AAWF–what I write so he’s first on my list once said novel is polished to a shine.

    Goodnight. Time for bed for me.


    • Thanks for lookin’ out. 🙂 I read Nathan’s blog sometimes – I did see that post – but not horribly often. He just doesn’t engage me personally that often. Have you queried him yet? Let me know how yours goes as well.

      Glad you enjoyed CC, my YA baby! I’m querying for that one as well right now. Beaucoup de choses, comme toujours!


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