Thursday Tid-Bit

As someone who’s recently spoken of genre, I feel I must point out this post at DGLM. Just when I thought Nicholas Sparks couldn’t get any more melodramatic, he goes and puts himself in his own league. Which is fine. As long as that league involves submersion under sea after which I am free of his cornballness.

In my opinion – which you probably guessed from the fact that this is my blog – there is a difference between knowing under which label your work will be received for the purposes of not only finding an appropriate agent but also for marketing once the book is contracted …big breath… and claiming that boy-meets-girl-story-which-revolves-around-said-relationship is “not romance”. Um. Okay. You might be the only one at that hair-splitting party. If you can even get anyone to agree it’s splitting hairs. It might just be delusion.


9 thoughts on “Thursday Tid-Bit

    • HAHA! Hey, that’s like that thing I said to you only it was Wednesday and you were posting lyrics. And it’s Thursday and I’m calling a short post a tidbit. HAHAHAHA!


    You are witty, my dear (heh…league under the sea… I sea what you did there), but I must confess, this blog post shocks me. O_O


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