The iPad Giveth

I was thisclose to using, “You must try not to scream”, which I think I’ve said more than a few times already in title form.

But, seriously. This. Are. Divinity. You watch this now.

Any artist like me sees stuff like this and envisions what can be created. In this case, actually, it fulfills a preexisting desire. For my YA novel, Callisto’s Charm, there will be a companion book, called – surprise – Callisto’s Companion. I’ve spoken of this before but the text of CC (um, that doesn’t work, does it? Okay C1) doesn’t resemble the themes, motifs, whatever of any of the Christian books I read as a kid. It’s about a boy-crazy, commitment-phobic seventeen year old waiting for the other shoe to drop after finding out her parents underwent a secret divorce. It’s about kissing, for the most part. I definitely went back through and revised even some of those scenes, but what I really am excited about is the way C2 will allow Christian youth groups/book clubs/high school key clubs/Intervarsity groups to discuss and interrogate the decisions Callisto makes, her justifications and the scenarios in which they find themselves. I’m creating a website for vlog testimonies, forums, and from which I could webhost discussion groups particularly for girls who aren’t plugged in to any of those aforementioned organizations. (Skype is already my bff, what with the majority of my family living in California.)

So then I see this video – particularly where they literally show an interactive website for readers of this vampire themed book. O_O GAH! You can literally go through the companion book as a virtual group, be linked up to the website while you’re doing this… I’m just. Dying right now. I love expressing my creativity in various mediums – stage plays, graphic novels, novels, screenplays, etc – and this is too exciting for words.

Okay, Apple. You got me. DARN YOU! But you have to give credit where due. I don’t need an Mac, but I surely want to use the iPad as a platform. GAH!


3 thoughts on “The iPad Giveth

  1. I used to have a Mac laptop. Ne’er again, brethren. But I love my iPod touch and I love what’s possible with the iPad – though I previously railed against it. Well. Not so much railed as saying it was just a bigger iPod. But they sold me. Or rather, Penguin books did.


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