I decided to write this post right this minute because there’s something urgent about being tired. Like, it feels like you’re not so much fighting sleep as you are fighting death. Seriously, am I such a newborn? That I honestly do not want to go quietly into that dark night? It’s freakin’ sleep. But I don’t want to sleep! Wa! (That was serious.)

Anyway, so the fighting thing will kill two birds with one stone, since I often do the same fight to get to the new post. All for the dopamine rush at completion. I’m also delirious. Red bubblegum elephants.


So Bama and Pop are here – got in after 1am, got to bed after 2am, got up before 8am, got to church after 10am for Moms n Tots and Men’s Group and then spent the time from then to now downtown. And my brain is telling me ludicrous things about when I fall asleep, I’ll die and junk like that. Oh, also, thanks Orange Line for being super lame today. Also, guy in American Eagle Outfitters, I can too take pictures in your store and I’ll prove it.

How bout don’t speak French in an American store, how bout that? (I’m. sorry. I’m unbearable when I’m tired.)

Since I posted a picture, I pretty much feel like I’ve done all I can do here. *drop mic, exits stage*

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