February Stars

Is still a glorious Foo Fighters song…

I’m gonna go head and assume Canada won the hockey game. (Just kidding, plenty of people already confirmed it.) Since, during evening service, I kept hearing honking. Not that it couldn’t have been due to the driving situation here (the situation being that a lot of people can’t drive)… but yeah. So go, Canada. You won the thing you care about most. As in, you – of everyone – care about most. Against the people who care about it least. It’s all in love, Canada. Goodonya. “You deserve nice things!” – Nelson Muntz on estrogen (really – that happened in an episode) Also, I’ve successfully seen thirty seconds of Olympics. Lame. Missed figure skating, my winter raison d’etre.

So, I wanted to give a shout out to February for being so ridiculously good to my stats. Which I should actually be crediting to you, the mostly silent reader. Which brings me to this: Why are you so silent? I feel like we’ve had this discussion before. I appreciate those who leave a word, particularly if you join a conversation gone awry between Andy and I and steer it back to sanity. — Also go back up to my thanking February and insert something along the lines of, “But it is Black History Month, after all” or “But I guess that’s supposed to make everything better”. Something like that.

Oh, if you’ve made it this far in, congratulations. But also, I’ve finally, finally, and I do mean AT LONG LAST figured out how to post a music player (because WordPress is really keeping that ish on the d *pause* l), which you shall find (if you haven’t heard it and found it already) on the same side as everything else. Genius. Pfft. (Sorry. Church gets me all worked up. ?) — You will also notice that I’ve only just started the Nonsense category; considering going back and adding it to the relevant blogs. But that would take forever.


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