Don’t Read This Post.

Here’s where you decide I’m insufferable. (By which I mean, those of you who are new and haven’t already.)

I like to read (read: skim, press page down until something is either super bad or super attention grabbing) tag surfer set to “writing” and “query letters” and stuff like that. The biggest commonality among the discovered entries is the whining, complaining and support-baiting that goes on. And I think I’ve figured out the problem. 99.9% of the people who not only blog about their writing but also comment on agent’s blogs… are not writers. Anymore than the girl in the high school drama department is a star.

How can I phrase this? Ummm….writing is one of those few talents that requires so familiar an arsenal of equipment and often so well hides its complexity behind “simplicity” that everyone has decided that anyone (and everyone, cuz don’t leave him out!) can do it. I’m not talking about getting published, I’m talking about being a writer. To say everyone has a book inside them is basically to say everyone has about 80,000 words inside them. Which is true. And for some reason that makes me wonder whether everyone with anger inside them is a murderer. I’m prone to such correlations.

This isn’t an indictment against YOU, before you tear up. I don’t know you. I have no idea if you are a writer. I just know I’m consistently confused by the discussions (literally; not just one person) about “when to give up” and “I’m just tired of it”. Um. Huh? When to give up what? God, there’s so much to say but I’d inevitably be a “douche” for saying it. Because it’s fine to acknowledge gifts no one wants, but try telling someone you’re a writer when they’ve recently decided they want to be one or have just lost all self-esteem because their mom isn’t a literary agent and therefore her glowing review is pretty useless. Suddenly, you’re a snob and hurtful. O_o Okay. Next time someone tells me they’re a cashier at the Pound-stretcher (wait…wrong country), I’m gonna get irrationally butthurt and accuse them of trying to tear me down.

My point is what does the pursuit of publication (not to mention its result) have to do with whether or not a writer writes? Nothing.

I told you not to read this post.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Read This Post.

  1. True – it needn’t be for validation, as the expression itself has already taken place. But if your writing has a purpose for others then of course publication is necessary. And for those of us who don’t wish to waste our time doing much else, why wouldn’t I make it profitable, if I possibly can?


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