Ezra Calls It Valentime’s Day

And thankfully, we celebrated last night. Which was a super cute dinner hosted by the young people of the church.

They even provided childcare. This was the tail end of a day that started with a mighty trek to Pointe-Claire (via the metro, two buses and my feet) for Ladies Day Apart, which was a workshop about discovering and using your spiritual gifts. Long story short, I had an hour between getting home from the workshop and leaving the house for the dinner. A headache started before dinner was served and by the time I got off the metro to walk home, I was half dead. The lightning speed with which the shutdown took place suggests it was a lovely little anemic crash.

My body must dislike V-Day more than I knew because it was super mean to me today. Jerk. And the Bellwether proceedings are officially over – for me, anyway. I want to be mad but I know God’s best is what I’m shooting for and I trust whatever package He chooses. What I really hope for others (sort of related to the workshop I attended yesterday) is that the peacefulness and remembrance of scripture (hi, Romans 8:28) that people portray in moments when they expect you to be devastated will not be interpreted as whimsical band-aids. They aren’t said to make me feel any particular way; they’re said because I do. And seeing people go to pieces and be directionless, purposeless and discouraged is one of the worst and most avoidable tragedies.

All this (to season a brother’s dead love that she would keep fresh and lasting in her sad remembrance… I’m. so sorry) to say: TMLA is free to be submitted. And shall.

Aaaand goodnight.


4 thoughts on “Ezra Calls It Valentime’s Day

  1. Good luck with the submissions, bummer about the Bellwether 😦 !

    Also, your header is your mouth and Rachel’s is her eyes. Hmmm. Thinking about making mine my nose. Or my navel.


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