Kindred Spirits

(Oh, Prince Edward Island…how thou art but a stone’s throw from me now…save yourself for me!) Okay, so my sister was talking about the gospel truth – ie. movie trailers , how they are an art form and delivery mechanism all their own, etc. And of course, this inevitably came to the unfortunate disconnect between the quality of a trailer and the crapenfest of the movie it was meant to capture. That’s how you know the story was lacking. Trailer summed it up perfectly; movie was 60 minutes too long to be sustained on said thread of a story.

So, I just wanted to see if I could just share with you two trailers that had me SAL.I.VAT.ING. You tell me if I was wrong to fall so hard, so fast.

You know what’s sad? I’ve seen the movie. I’ve seen it. This trailer…makes me believe….it would somehow be the movie I expected if I would only watch it again. This trailer STILL has the power to make me wanna see a movie that has already PROVEN to be garbage! How is that POSSIBLE? The plot expectation, the Christian Bale we’ve come to expect,…the Trent Reznor of it all! It was perfection. And then I saw the movie. [gunshot]

Now, this next trailer. Seriously. I downloaded it. I don’t know – or care – if that’s normal or not. But I did it.

And. Lemme try to wipe the tears. That movie did not disappoint. I mean, come on – look at the trailer. (Remembers Terminator Salvation.) Nvm. But I was on a plane with a choice of like fifteen other movies that I had never seen – many of which I would be entirely interested in seeing – and then I saw that they had The Soloist. And I watched it again. Jamie Foxx. I’ve been watching Collateral and Ali to stave off the desire to see that movie again (which translates to, I haven’t bought a movie in like six months and it’s killing me) but when I want to see him as a particular character, it has to be that one. Le sigh.

And I can’t wait for Hot Tub Time Machine.

I want it to be called Matheson and the Bear.


7 thoughts on “Kindred Spirits

  1. Yes indeedy, doddley do!
    Speaking of The Soloist, did you know Robert Downey Jr (see what I did there? I’m a quick one!) is doing a movie with Zach Galifianakis? JEEBUS NAME. Can’t wait.


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