All The Something That’s Fit To Something

I feel like I should write a new post just to put away the rage from the previous one. Indeed. But I am entirely unprepared to do so. Hmm.

So, you’ll recall that time I talked about the book I wrote in high school for the merriment of my sisters and gal pals? (Click here, if not.) Well, as though the last request were the magical lottery winner, I’ve been editing the book away from its 1996ness and making it more viable for “others” (ie, those outside of the inner circle of giggling girls). This is miraculous for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which recalls death threats being made in my freshman year at UCSC. Because those threats were made (by me) as a result of my then-manuscript being deleted. Long story. Very gory. Moving on. So, that heartbreak was the kind that refused to even consider starting anew. I didn’t know I had a copy from which to begin, in fact. Until last fall. Which is when I created that hardcopy for, yeah, guess who. The girls. And we laughed and laughed. And then, long story short, I started revising. Because I had absolutely nothing else to do. (Ah, sweet sarcasm.)

Another much abridged long story: I’ve started querying (quite reservedly, actually – meaning to less than half a dozen agents). This is creating all sorts of quagmires for me. As you well know – or don’t know at all – I do not write YA. I mean, since I was a teenager. It’s not that I’m a snob, it’s just that nothing but literary fiction is any good. O_O Or useful. Or necessary. And yet. I love everything about this girl, this story. And find myself wondering if it would be so bad to cleanse my palate by occasionally returning to the genre (only for Callisto, of course! I think?) after working on other, heavier things. It just flows so wonderfully, seriously. Like, being on a deadline for YA would be so different from someone imposing a deadline on something like Anagnorises or Privilege. And versatility is not so much necessary as natural, so it’s not a question of whether I don many hats but more so why people can’t seem to wrap their heads around said hats. Debut everything at once, I say.



6 thoughts on “All The Something That’s Fit To Something

  1. Keep plugging. Keep amusing me. YA is natural–and don’t think that I didn’t notice how stridently you were attempting to convince yourself into the fact that this is a “good idea.”

    Bethany Merriweather Morrow, let me tell you one more time and may it be the final one: Yes. YES it is, indisputably, a good idea. Now. Don’t make me come over there and put you in a headlock over your computer.


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