And If Ya Threw A Party!

Sorry, I’m totally singing the Golden Girls theme in my head. Which always reminds me of Jordan because we used to watch it together in high school. 🙂 Of course, the lyrics change with each performance. “And if you drew Muhammad”…”You would see that the blue moon was made of cheese”…”And the heart attack would say, thank you for being afraid!” Stuff like that. Anywho – so Josh and I (and Ezzie but he’s back at school – pause for wailing) received gifts from Portland today. It’s. Pretty ridiculous. They were pretty amazing.

New Bangle From Bali

If you know anything about my family – which…about 80% of you do, because we’re related – you know that my mother and sisters and I have worn silver bangles on our left wrist for as long as I can remember. As traditions go, it’s pretty awesome. We’ll soon be bringing our nieces and my goddaughter into the fold. Since I just got my first closure bangle – and it is EXACTLY what I wanted!! – I think it’s my turn to bestow. Our oldest niece is well past the rite of passage age so I’m well behind!

The Autograph Is Awesomesauce

Which explains Josh’s face, lol. Anyway! He’s not the owner and proprietor of this here blog so his story does not get shared – especially since this isn’t even why I started this entry, lol. But getting presents will distract you, dont’cha know.

Anywho! So what I was GONNA talk about – I was reading a blog in which the person was expressing excitement, satisfaction, highness from their recent organizational project that completely outlined their story arches with color-coded whimsy and index card awesomeness and so on. And I was completely vicariously joyous – as only someone with the exact same predilection can be. I would argue that no one could even be entertained by an entry like that but someone who has also had the rush of dopamine and needed to blog about it into the ether knowing full well no one could be as satisfied and overjoyed as you because it wasn’t progress to anyone else and also because no one else was the mother of that child. Which is to say, I was entertained. Anyway, what it made me say – and not because I’m a killjoy – is how that actual administrative procedure does not necessarily translate into what the blog writer hoped – immediate return of energetic devotion to the literal writing of that draft. And by necessarily, I am speaking only from a personal experience perspective and I mean never. Which is NOT a bad thing, unless you just didn’t realize that it is a completely separate animal evolving from the opposite side of your brain.

I’m sure not every artist – wait. Rewind. I think not every writer is an artist. And then not every writer is ambi-brained. But now I think, if we apply the first statement, the second one is possibly irrelevant? Because I’d think all artists actually are. Anyway, the administrative jones I have definitely serves the pure creativity, just not, you know, immediately. I have to almost wait until the A side is idle so I can flip the vinyl and get back to the other side. Two sides of one record, sure, but you can’t play them at once.

I think – for me – screenplays/teleplays are long-term goals because of that very fact. I for one cannot go cerebral whilst writing in a format. So, it takes a heck of a lot longer to get it down on paper. I’m super excited about my current concept and still. It’s funny because my mentor, Marco, has commented from day one that I write “cinematically”. But literally write cinematically? I don’t dislike it, but it sure isn’t the same fluid experience, mon chiot. Everything comes to me in scenes but to actually write out the direction? Even with the convenience of hot keys, it’s still  A side and B side trying to be heard at the same time. So, yes, perhaps ’tis just me.


5 thoughts on “And If Ya Threw A Party!

  1. You are HILARIOUS! LOL And the scary thing is…I can totally keep up with you! But then, maybe I’m included in that 80% that’s related to you? Who knows?! Your dad’s name isn’t Floyd, is it? (inside joke)

    (Is it?)

    “Traveled down the road and back again…”

    Man! I’m so mad I never thought to re-write that song! LOL (you do realize, by now, that I watch The GG’s every night, don’t you?)

    Until we meet again…


  2. My daddy *is* from Chicago (by way of the Carolinas and Arkansas the further back one goes) and his name’s Wavery. (LOVE.)

    Haha – thanks for (bein’ a friend) leaving a comment! (And the pontiac was jade, thank you for keying the frame!)


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