X Gon’ Give It to Ya!

Things that happened on Saturday, September 12th

I meant to get right to work after I napped and ate (some rather Welsh pizza and wings, an adjective which here means: tasted not as I at first hoped or imagined) and watched The Simpsons Movie, of course, but then I carried my bathroom book out into the living room and forgot to stop reading Anansi Boys for a while. Now, I am a rather discriminate reader. Not counting the books I flatly refuse to place in the proper bookshelf (most of which are Dave Duncan or the Left Behind series Josh wouldn’t even finish), two shelves are fiction and four large ones are nonfiction and sociological, for the most part. And yes, Toni Morrison takes up as much space as she possibly can, given the number of books she’s published. And, I’ll admit, one of her nonfiction takes up a thin sliver on the second shelf. So, aside from what I thought to be rather poor back cover copy and a smuggish picture, I pretty much assumed Neil Gaiman was going to be right up there with Dean Koontz and other airport tripe. And when I say tripe, understand that I literally liken such wretchedness to spruced up and supposedly edible intestines. But then I laughed. And couldn’t stop smiling, or at least smirking, amused by my own admission that I wasn’t going to stop reading it. And I even liked the way I can’t deny when I like something – so much so that I ended up demanding why Josh didn’t immediately like the book. (The answer is, as always, because it isn’t Ender’s Game.) So you have to understand that I’m not reading it to procrastinate, or at least not for that sole purpose. At this point, I’ve read enough of it in one sitting that I have to give my brain time to dispense with Mr. Gaiman’s language before I head back to a scene that is markedly not dryly witty and charmingly absurd.

And that smuggish picture on the back? Well, suffice it to say, after describing the fiancée’s mother as a skinny Eartha Kitt (which I assume, among other things, is a nod to her animated character in The Emperor’s New Groove) and mentioning how said fiancée arrived at the protagonist’s flat with a jug of hair mayonnaise – it’s growing on me.

Things that happened on Sunday, the 13th

Ezra’s behbeh – which is the little girl who lives with him in the box he fits into – is named Mossamonay…or however you spell that. It’s a name that Lake apparently loves. “She belongs in the box with me,” he’s explaining. O_O

He has now become bored with his father’s reading aloud of “Metamorphosis” – which he requested – and is singing through the living room and hallway.

Ezra just threw his Diego blanket over Phineas and then called him “stylish”.

Things that happened a reasonable time ago

Ezra's 1st Disneyland TripAnd I’m guessing I never got around to blogging about how Ezra’s first trip to Disneyland went much the same way the rest of his life goes: people told him that they loved him. Within fifteen minutes of entering the park on day one. It started with Alice. For him he – understandably – has an undying affection. Thankfully, she was in every parade and he got to see her a lot. But then Tinkerbell spent a ridiculously long time with him…at one point sitting on the ground to tell him the story of Captain Hook. This is after about ten minutes with her and Rosetta learning to hop the way he hops. And until another parent who’d been patiently waiting with their less gorgeous child came and started to make a fuss. I should mention that we just went to the Education dept office to hand in some paperwork for grad scholarships and three other women who were NOT charged with helping us came over and interviewed Ezra for about twenty minutes, during which they told him he was too mature to be five, that he’d be famous one day, that he should already be modeling and after which they begged him to come again and insisted that he try and understand how much he’d improved their day. O_O. I don’t know. I just make ’em.

I want to tell you all about the work I’ve been doing! But I shan’t. Later, I swear!

7 thoughts on “X Gon’ Give It to Ya!

  1. You had me at “X gon’ give it to ya!”…possibly one of the most poignant phrases in the English lexicon of lexical things and phrases whanotish.

    Really I mean, it says all your post could ever hope to say and more.

    And yet, and yet.
    I’m still feeling that I have been given it yet.

    Where FOR X? WHERE FOR. Hence, hence. and knobbishness.

    Oh, and you guys are still in Canada! Lucky jerks.

    Anansi Boys is pretty sweet. It is definitely not Ender’s Game. Meaning that it’s not about a child-cum-accidental-warrior who saves the galaxy and such.


  2. Now, I done told ya that Neil Gaiman is brilliant! Haven’t read Anansi Boys yet, but need to after falling in love with “American Gods”. AMAZING!!!! A must read…his style, intricate language and wit had me locked in.


  3. You apparently never told me, but you gave Josh two of his books on some occasion. I still think he’s awesome, but I’ve stopped reading the book for now. Partly because I’ve been writing and partly because certain plot progressions are irritating to me. But I shall return!


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