Where have YOU been?!

Coming at you from MacKenzie-King, y’all. (That totally sounded like some late night jazz station deejay. Lame.) Right, so before we jump into the life that finds us in Montreal…here are some notes I jotted down while blazing across the good ole US of A.

Thursday, August 27, 2009 (Maybe…and we were past Salt Lake City, Utah)

Ezra doesn’t seem to grasp how swinging his days-old toes in front of the air vent does not for sweet air make.

Of Nevada I can only say: sad. Seriously. For all those ‘tards who claim that certain vices are only out of hand because they’re illegal (which is to say millions of people have an irrational and self-destructive case of you’re-not-the-boss-of-me, or Oppositional Defiance Disorder)… gambling and prostitution are legal in Nevada. Which has resulted in there being a casino on all four sides of a freeway exit. And trucker stops that make me not want to inhale for fear of getting VD.

Casinos, much?

Casinos, much?

On the whole, Phineas has been perfectly fine, though it gets a tad too hot on the floor what with the center console housing part of the engine or something. He has however refused to eat more than a bite of food when we stop. So. The vet was “impressed” with how fit he is for a beagle. I’m alarmed, personally, because I know he’s actually an anorexic bulimic. Well, he hasn’t vomited in a while, even when he eats bones. STILL.

I don’t know how low I had to have felt yesterday for the following to be true (and I kid; I don’t think this had anything to do with it) but this drive has been quite surprisingly nice. Which is due in large part to (a) being seated so closely together – to which I’d been looking forward; (b) the fact that we are stocked entirely with food and drink and have five movies in the cab and the rest in the back, easily accessible. The comforts of home in an intimate cab! (c) Mom bought Ezra a neck pillow which he doesn’t like and uses the regular pillow I brought. This thing. Has changed my life. I have actually been FALLING. ASLEEP. 0_0 Bless.

Holy crap. My son clearly needs to bm. These smells in a somewhat warm setting are toxic. I’m not joking. We’re probably inhaling poison right now.

Two more things: there’s a live grasshopper in our windshield wipers. There’s also a dead dragonfly. Hitch a ride at your own risk.


Been in Wyoming for like ever. I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed by how clean these freakin’ stops are. Haven’t found one that reminds me of that 20/20 expose.

Shout-out to my warrior girl, Cheyenne, as we head that way.

Ever heard a Black girl loudly praise Jesus name for Nebraska? Ya just did.

Friday, August 28th 2009?
10:35 – although I think it’s supposed to be 11:35?

Anyway! Nebraska is definitely the victor as far as places I was repeatedly praising. It was lush and green and the buildings and homes and apartments where we last stopped were so pretty. Huge windows on corporate buildings (like the PayPal headquarters) to reflect the green is beautiful. However, what was not awe-inspiring came from the lovely greenage where I took Phin to relieve himself. As we got close, I didn’t quite know where the sound (like loud wilderness sound effects) was coming from. When I got right up on it and the brush was actually moving and it sounded like every cricket and beetle from California was localized in this one area, I promptly headed back to the truck. Nightmares, my friends. They’re coming.

Now if only I could remember in what state I happened upon the blown open carcass of an antelope (whatever, it was larger than the deer in Santa Cruz). Its legs were…destroyed. Its exposed chest cavity? Why, staring right at me as though with an invitation to come in!! I actually got so grossed out – and I’m driving by the way – that I started involuntarily burping and dry heaving. YUM!

So, thus far we’ve watched Lilo & Stitch, Monsters Inc, Series of Unfortunate Events, Emperor’s New Groove, I Am Sam… is that it?

I should probably take pictures of the corn. Because you have no idea what corn looks like. What does it look like in Iowa? Saturation.


I’m at Aunt Patsy’s. I’ve had a shower. My contacts are out. I’m … not wearing a bra. Well. You can’t have it all, I guess.

(More pics later!)

3 thoughts on “Where have YOU been?!

  1. I take it you had some kind of movie player in the car? This was a rental right? Did anyone drive with you, or just you 3?

    Oh, and most important, did Ezra ever poop@!?

    Seriously though, sounds interesting. And yeah, I didn’t realize we had antelope in the US until we moved to Oregon (people hunt them in Eastern Oregon) – what the hell??


  2. @Andy: So we were sitting upright in a U-haul the whole way watching DVDs on my laptop. Picture of THAT forthcoming, no worries. (I’m on the internet @ Concordia so prolly no new post right this minute.) And Ezra did in fact poo. In several Pilot Travel Center washrooms. But I realize now that I talked quite a bit about the smell of poop herein.
    @Jen: I shall soon with the pictures of home, through a more personal venue! Did you not get the first ones?


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