When It Don’t Come Easy

(I figured since so many of my hits come from my culture references – lines from movies, song lyrics, etc – I’d keep that alive. If you haven’t heard this Patty Griffin song. Clearly I don’t know you. Cuz it plays on my computer constantly. Speaking of search terms, people looking for WoW Draenei p*rn… please leave your mom’s basement and get a life.) Time is running out. This weekend, I’m making an unexpected but super awesome preliminary trip to Montreal with (who else) the God-Mama-Auntie! If I can get my lovely car sold (which makes me sad), I’ll be able to open a bank account while I’m there testing out the subway and hopefully signing on a dotted line for an apartment. If I get back home on the scheduled day, I have a matter of hours before the family piles into the car for our pilgrimage to the promised land. Disneyland. Whatever. And then I’ve got like four days to work before my sister, JenJen, arrives! And then she’s gone and – assuming we’ve received our CAQ in the mail, which we need to get the study permit at the Canadian border – we’ll spend one day saying goodbye before piling into a u-haul and driving across the country, stopping in Wisconsin to see family (yes, you heard me right – I suppose after seven years of marriage, we’ve made them wait long enough… I only hope that Black mailman I heard so much about is still around!!).

This all makes me rather happy that two of my three big projects are off and mailed. What I love about these endeavors (literary, of course) is that I found them in the order of impending deadline, each more exciting (and daunting) than the last. So, as I began work on the next one, the feasibility of coming out victorious in the now-complete one increased. πŸ˜€ Of course, I’m referring only to my mental processing of said feasibility. And, with the magazine contest and the California Writers Exchange Contest being submitted, I have only the major, kindred-spirit Bellwether which requires me to do in less than two months what I have previously done at my leisure. And I mean those last three words in the most literal and indulgent sense possible. Aside from which, there are eligibility concerns so that simultaneous to working on a tall order in terms of the manuscript to be submitted, I also have other little (big) worms burrowing around in my brain to which I must attend.

And at the tail end of last month – which ZOMIGOD is actually over – I went to San Fran for the day to have an on-camera interview with my mentor, Marco. Which of course was tons of fun and not just because I’m sitting in front of a camera being interviewed for like three hours. But yes, that. πŸ˜€ I’m hoping to send him some still pictures and …

For the last twenty minutes, I’ve been creating a folder of pictures to send him. So. I’ll. Be back. Prolly not though.

4 thoughts on “When It Don’t Come Easy

    • πŸ˜€ You’re Ol Reliable. Really getting more bummed that you’re not coming with Jen as it gets closer. It’s like only getting to soak up half of you guys. No. That’s. Literally what it is.


  1. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. I can’t wait to see you guys! I do wish that it could be all of us, and that we could join you at Disneyland and that we could all live in the same apartment in Montreal… okay that’s going too far.:P But. Yeah. Together forever and never to part.

    Let me know if you get any footage of that interview…I wanna see!


  2. I’m anxiously awaiting it, too. πŸ˜€ And your visit! Hahaha! See! I was really talking about seeing the footage but you thought I was talking about your visit! But really I WAS talking about your visit! I just double tricked you!


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