Short and Bitter

We are on Day Three (of Three), here at Morrow Birthday Bonanza Week. Of course, the only one we care about is Ezzie’s birthday. And though there was mourning (from me) and calmness (from Ezra, which helped my depression over his becoming a young man instead of my babyfacedbabyheadedlovalump, not at all!) – there was also a rather alarming amount of time spent at the mall. Which – when one takes into account the photo sitting and dairy queen and carousel – I guess makes a semblance of sense. And now. A snapshot of snapshots that made yesterday bearable.

The Wake Held For Ezra's Babyhood

The Wake Held For Ezra's Babyhood

Though it was divinity watching the godsiblings defy logic and be better behaved for a sitting when the other was present (and most of that goes for my little girl who apparently has made a mockery of modeling on past attempts to capture her beauty), I do hate time and its passage. “Get yo’ hands off me!”

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