And Here’s Your Host: Ezra!

So the rest of Friday that I never got around to talking about because I was too shaken by my brush with death. Let’s leave the ugliness behind us and return to the beginning of the day. So, last quarter Josh was a teacher’s assistant at a Live Oak elementary school in a second grade class. He ended up completing double the hours and – quel surprise – having a host of little fans. So, despite not having time to assist this quarter as he prepares to graduate, he asked the teacher if he could come back for a day and bring his family to meet the kids. So, after dropping him off before nine and then running errands, Ezzie and I returned to the elementary school.

Okay, by this point, we should all know that Ezra loves to chat and also loves to perform. For a crowd of like three. He also has had very limited experience with large groups of children, having been to “preschool” (read: playschool) for a few months. So FOR SERIOUS I was a little surprised when we got into the classroom. The kids were sitting in the reading area on the carpet and the teacher set out three chairs for us. As soon as we sat down, everyone was most interested in Ezra. Josh introduced us and Ezra. Reintroduced himself. Told his age. Told how he goes to homeschool and his mom is his teacher. I mentioned that these kids are in second grade and older than him? Okay, because it turned into a presentation. O_O. No. Joke.

The teacher figured out what was obviously going to happen and told the kids to raise their hands and Ezra would answer them in turn. O_O. Favorite color? Green and Red. Next question. Favorite tv show? Playhouse Disney and Nick Jr and Mommy really likes “Charlie and Lola”. Next question, please. Yes, you in the back. Favorite song? Rock out music! What’s rock out music? Why, let me show you. My son…dove into a rendition of “Whatcha Got!”, his famous off-the-cuff what-ever-comes-to-mind jam. The kids? Go crazy. O_O. He counts to ten in French, listens to them count to ten in Spanish. Teaches them his Rock Out Dance, watches one of their cultural dances. Is asked to encore all of the above, which he happily does. The teacher can’t contain herself from repeatedly saying things like, “He should be on Sesame Street”. It was pretty shocking. I had no idea he could work a crowd of older kids like that. For serial. Everybody thinks articulate kids can perform until you find out they have stage fright. Not this kid. He even held an afterclass session with a pair of twin girls and a little boy who had to literally be shoved out the door at the end. (Did I mention that first he wrote his name for them on the whiteboard, which they’ll get to keep up until Monday?)

Well, he did such a good job that we took him to his favorite park. Oh, scratch that – there was a huge party going on there. We took him to our back-up park.

EzmezThat’s him still wearing his visitor sticker. 😀 He opened a corndog/smoothie shop, I forgot to mention! Here’s pics from the grand opening!

Shop WindowTransactionYeah, I ordered two corn dogs and a strawberry smoothie. Pretty tasty. And those pictures just. happened. Now, let me leave you with this.

Because Yeah.

6 thoughts on “And Here’s Your Host: Ezra!

  1. Hilarious.
    If he does make it onto Sesame Street, you can rest assured that they will use his scene for at least 32 years, guaranteeing his youthfulness in our minds.


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