Crazy Time Daily News

Firstly, why does wearing contacts make me drowsy around 4pm?! Weird.

Secondly, I. Pretty much almost died today. Coming home from an eventful day I’ll talk to you about in a moment, I’m walking along and talking to Josh. Ezra is walking ahead of us as usual and the first time I hear a hissing, I think he’s playing with me. I hear it again and look down to realize that it’s a f$%^in snake. Yeah. Not a little garden snake. Well, lemme just show you.

Just the head... Hmm…if that were all there was, huh? Curvy

Can ya see the multiple curvations on that one?

Right, well you’ll remember that I looked down and saw this thing trying to change lanes, as it were when I was following the path to our place. I covered my mouth and then screamed. Into my hands? Right, no idea. Jumped backward and then looked up to find that my son – in the two seconds during which this transpired – had jumped. Up. Onto. The. Ledge. Which he has never climbed onto by himself. Instant hilarity. Anyway, if you’re still wondering how freaked out I was, no worries. I haz video. (Before you complain, there’s four seconds of shaking. I just narrowly escaped death, you understand.)

So, then we basically followed the thing around until it rushed off into the field. Yeah. Get thee behind me, Satan. Out of my housing complex, thanks.

I’ll edit this later and add what else happened today. I’m shreepy now. Resting my head on Ezra’s shoulder while he strokes my chin with his other arm around my shoulder. His button-down shirt is rolled up to the elbows, too. He is the other love of my life.

Back later. Promise.

*For legal reasons, “later” may occur anytime before 2010.


4 thoughts on “Crazy Time Daily News

  1. Oh. My. Hell. Bethany! IT TRIED TO GET IN YOUR House! that is SUPREMELY effed up. I hate snakes–and that one could have wrapped around you like 18 times. NOT COOL! I’m never coming back to California. Done.


  2. Dude, that’s not our door – I would have flipped my ish if that were mine. The only reason I feel safe whatsoever is that we have a set of stairs in front of our door. However, a deer had decided to recline under said stairs one day and freaked me the hell out. …. le sigh.


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