I Have Letters To Write

So, I’m doing this! Firstly:

Monarch MorrowsThis is what I liked to call “The Monarch Morrows” or “This Is Your Life With Kids”… though to be fair, Josh would’ve done it anyway. Did I mention we spend a lot of time at Natural Bridges. Where the monarchs migrate. And Josh works. All of those. Equals the picture above. Also, this is the day Josh found a $20 that some customer must have dropped and he put it in the donation box. Because. He wants to be a good person or something? I would only have not been irritated if I had the self-affirming decision to make and to be proud of as I lay in bed that night. But since I’m just the one who didn’t get a dinner at Betty’s Burgers…I was kinda irritated! (Unfortunately, I have to admit I’m joking otherwise some moron will think I’m that guy.) Which reminds me! I’ve been looking for a hybrid stage name that honors my maiden and married names: Clemons and Morrow. I’ve settled on Morons. By shorting my first name to its initial, you get this gem: B. Morons. It’s a name, but it’s also a directive! TWOFER!

FuryAnd then there’s this! The photo links to a website showing more, but to summarize, photographer Thomas Allen makes art from vintage book covers. Geniousity. Love. It. Just…thought I’d share.

And, finally, I had a lovely phone convo with my two sisters, Ana and JenJen. And it was good. We live in Portland, LA and Santa Cruz, so the phone convo was like hanging out together, which is obviously impossible. Plus we’re all mommies so it was a great part of my Mother’s Day.

Oh. And I guess I’ll get to work now. Blerg.

*comes back*


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