Right In The Kisser

So, we are gearing up to get the hell out of Santa Cruz for Joshua’s graduation next month and had begun toying with the idea of actually moving out of our on-campus townhouse by the 1st of June. Josh was sure it wouldn’t bother him to commute for his finals and grad ceremony (which btw is June 13th!!!) but then the buttholes good people at the office say, while they typically try to work with people in getting the release date they want, since technically our lease stipulates a 42 day intent form to be completed….that’s what they’re gonna insist we do. Because they’re all about the letter of the law. Which is why – despite having a stipulation that Family Student Housing is considered “affordable” living – we’re paying $500 above the cost of upkeep, with a scheduled rent increase in July. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhweet.

Other than that, I’m working on a short story, which – funny story; true story – is a novel project that I’ve already mentally composed but I am enjoying the altered storyline for its shorter version. Aside from which, this shorter exploration only has one of the two paramount characters. Therefore her motivations are entirely different. This seemed like it would transfer better here, lol. Somehow not describing the original or altered story, this seems pretty confusing or at least entirely uninteresting. Funny, that.

Ezra read the words “stripe”, “stray” and “struck” today in record time. I try to compose three words a day on his chalkboard that include phonics rules from the three A Beka charts we’ve studied (6, 7 and 8). I was ridiculously taken aback today when he didn’t even have to recite the “two vowels” rule before correctly reading the first word, meaning he’s doing it in his head. Blossom.

What else is in the news… Mother’s Day approaches.

Meh. Still kinda pissed about the 42 days thing.


5 thoughts on “Right In The Kisser

  1. Ya, I feel bad for those people who have stay here for a couple more years. I think the paper they distributed said they were anticipating $100 increased every year for a few years. I read an article about the uc system that said they had a 5 billion dollars rainy day fund that they are unwilling to touch. Further to that the ratio of increased tuition costs and actual overhead cost is 1/2. so ya they still making more money than they were before and using the economic crisis as an excuse to do so. nice


  2. Um. That was not uninteresting/confusing to ME! I’m excited you’re composing a short! I hope it gets run somewhere faaabulous–like The New Yorker. Or O Magazine 😉 (How else will Oprah be made aware that she has to champion your book and put you on TV with her?)


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