It’s Only Fair

It occured to me that I’m like that person who just started playing with a toy that’s like a decade old and now looks like the old guy who started saying “da bomb” and won’t stop no matter how many times you roll your eyes. But my baby should not be left out!

This one is awesome because they just…can’t figure it out. They’re throwing a bunch of races at him to see what sticks. And. One dude. (If you pretend you don’t see the Hilary Duff picture, I’ll not kill us all.) And, just to let you know – the next two people who I couldn’t choose were Anne Hathaway and Oprah Winfrey. So, basically – he is my child. Oprah and Asian people = he and I are related.

Proving once more that he’s my son (and that all Black people look like Oprah because COME ON, I have never been accused of looking like her): he’s also compared to a French actress. This one actually let him look similar to Black people, so … thank you, my heritage. Except. For the Lil Wayne thing. You’re seconds away from a good and thorough shanking. The Paula Deen thing… O_O. And…the next person who would’ve been included? Well, let’s just say her name is Gong Li. So.

Now which of these chosen pics actually resembles him the most? The top one, imho. As his mother.

Okay, I’ve done the whole fam-bam now. Not counting Phineas. Our beagle.


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