Funny Good Times

You must. Try not. To laugh. Josh wouldn’t stop complaining until we did one for him. Which turned out to be three.

There was one result we didn’t post; wherein, we were expected to believe that Josh looked somehow like Karl Malone. Among other no-name, old Eastern European men. These are just weird. We’ve had so many look-a-like claims for Josh. Dave Grohl, Tom Cruise (the mouth), Scott Wolf, Bruce Springstein (when Josh has long hair), Edge (the WWE wrestler, except that guy’s little arms killed his chances). Somehow, none of these people came up. But two Black guys did. This isn’t saying that he and I think he looks like any of the above-listed (though I can see the Dave Grohl thing sometimes and the Edge thing was pretty similar)….but Will Smith?!?

I think it’s obvious that the Leo thing (which came up in the first one we did, as well) is all about the eyebrows. The Tim Curry thing must be the facial hair. The Laura Linney thing?!? You got me. (oh. The dimple.) AND I JUST REALIZED, JOSH IS WEARING THE SAME SHIRT IN BOTH OF THE SELECTED PHOTOS. WEIRD.

One more little snapshot.

wedding-pic-heritage-1And what the hell is up with the Asian thing for me?! Some people swear they can’t even tell my heritage but this freakin’ computer program won’t let it go! EXPLAIN.


2 thoughts on “Funny Good Times

  1. OK I’m not even sure which one to start commenting on.


    You have too much free time!!


    BUt yeah umm…all over the place. Pretty sure the wedding one is your makeup.

    Mine had Terrence Howard (?) in it too, but I didn’t realize you could move people around so he didn’t show up, and I’m too lazy to redo it.

    Either way, I think it’s mostly good for a laugh.

    PS. You look like Oprah.
    So does Josh.
    And Ezra.
    And Phineas. (sp?)


  2. Yeah, speaking of make-up: Oprah can only claim that resemblance when she’s completely made up.

    This took no time at all, mister I-started-this-whole-thing. 😛


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