Saturday In The Park

That’s not really accurate, obviously, but I didn’t wanna call it: Saturday (not really) in the park, I think it was the fourth of July (but it’s April). Because, I don’t wanna call Chicago a liar. Are they just one entity if they’re called by the band name? Hmm.

friday-park-outingSo, he played with three dogs, three kids and about a dozen adults today. My son. The dogs names we know, though! Tiger, Zion and Luca. People, you ask? Right. Anywho, he had a very obviously great day and it was nice to be at the park so long today, getting some video of how far he’s come. He used to be so afraid of heights and also used to not understand how to use one’s upper body to hoist one’s self up. Now, he’s climbing like a madman. Crazy. Video to come.

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