My Magnificent Return

And so, my children, after a brief respite from the internets (how many of them are there, you ask?!), I have returned. Resurrected, if you will. No, too far. And here’s what I’m thinking about (that’s fit to print for an undisclosed viewership of possible strangers):

A) Jamie Foxx, I am quite disappointed in your humanity. Why. Did you apologize for the rash Miley Cyrus statements you made on your radio show?! I have absolutely nothing against the girl but you’re a comedian! You are expected to say hilarious ridiculousness! FINE! Be a responsible father. Sucks to your asmar.

B) Andy has something against me. He keeps having his comments closed on his blog, which is hurtful and wrong. Especially because I wanted to comment on the wordles he posted. Because, yes, it would be fun to analyze … if I could leave a comment. ANDREW.

C) My son has said the following things in the past 24 hours: “Tarnation!” and “Gee-wilikers!” I… don’t know what to do with that yet.

D) Our Easter/Resurrection Day was awesome, despite life’s obstacles. We went to The Rock of Roseville, where we’ve visited many times and whose ministry is absolutely amazing. Right now we’re listening to the podcast series called “Father Wounds” and reading the book written by Pastor Frances, which is an immeasurable blessing for … anyone who had a childhood, wonderful or not.

E) I suddenly have a taste for smoked sausage.

Aaaaaand. Do NOT take this the wrong way. But for a couple of months, I’ve been thinking about whether or not we’ll have another baby. Please refrain from squeeing in my ear, though. Because it’s called thoughts.


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