My Wordles!

And so a wonderful website called Wordle has made it possible for me to share my literary work with you! This is truly a glorious day! As we all know, I consider this blog a personal one but I don’t really write about my work. And I’m completely willing to accept that this is one of those things that arouses me immeasurably and actually does little or nothing for others. But, how can I know! So I’m showing you anyway because every new (to me) interpretation of my work is exhilirating. And we know I love me some dopamine release. From the following you should have a complete understanding of my novel, “Anagnorises” (a name to which I am attached though I am beginning to know it will change):

anagnorises wordleThe funny thing about this is that the size of the word is determined by the frequency of its use and I still think that it’s overstating the character names, which in my opinion seem trite when taken out of context. It’s like when someone begins their book description with, “It’s a story about a girl named Jamie…” thereby making it seem entirely ridiculous from the onset, mostly because it couldn’t possibly be about a girl’s name… and if I’d read the book without having it described I might realized how much is encapsulated in that name and it might ring significant upon hearing it because of the context and awareness I have for what “Jamie” means. Otherwise, … all character names sound lame to me. I try not to use them when talking about my books for that reason. And names mean a lot to me, which makes my resolve to protect them from this inevitable misrepresentation even greater.  This makes sense, right? (Not do you agree – do you understand what I’m saying, Andy.)

icharus flying wordle So that one was produced from “Icharus Flying”, which is a book that I know has to be transposed into a graphic novel. I’m not a visual artist so this is understandably on the back burner. I like the multiple directions for this one because of the story, obviously.

And, finally, there’s “Atlantis Submerged”, which is a magic realism novel. Even though I’m taking it apart and weaving in what I’d thought was going to be a second book, I only included the text from the original work. Aaaand, here it is.atlantis submerged wordle

Did you find my son’s name in that last one? We already knew that it would be the name of our first son (and our first-daughter-name is in there, too, however tiny). I also love how the words “know” and “knew” are so prominent. Hilarity.

So I’ll stop with those, since anything else would be an in-progress wordle (which seems pointless) or a substantially shorter work. Again, I’m sorry if this entertains only me! 😀


3 thoughts on “My Wordles!

  1. Dammit. You have a Cecily too. Luckily mine is spelled much differently.

    I’m kinda lost on your question. Are you saying that discussing characters by name cheapens them or the name itself?


  2. Introducing a character by name before their story is known always makes me cringe. Because then it sounds like the name was assigned without purpose…? “There’s this guy named ____” – like what does his name matter to me yet and stating it overemphasizes its stand-alone-importance? I’m willing to accept that it’s just me.


  3. ALSO: Now that I’ve had a moment (hours) away, I realize that the reason these couldn’t be as fun for anyone else is that you couldn’t possibly know what words to look for based on thematic elements. It’s fun to see if the underlying story is frequently outlined in words. For me.


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