Last Spring In Santa Cruz

last-spring-in-santa-cruzSo being that we are happily in the last leg of our Santa Cruz residence, we decided to make the most of it. No, no, not by talking to people or going into the actual town. Pfft. By going on our favorite walk in this ridiculously beautiful weather and documenting it! Now, you can ruin everyone’s fun by asking, “Why’d you slouch forward like that and ruin an otherwise great picture with your husband taken by a four year old where it looks like your pouch is going to continue its pursuit of world domination?” But let’s take the high road and just enjoy the scenery, mkay?

First there’s Fish Lips, taken on the staircase coming down from Media Theater towards the street – followed by Ezra demonstrating how the Porter coy fish will immediately flock to any shadow above them…trusting little bottom feeders, they are – next is Ezra and I tip-toeing across the bridge(s) leading to Thimann/Earth and Marine (otherwise known as the Tiger Forest) – then comes Daddy and Mommy as taken by Ezra, on the Media Theater staircase – and finally, King Ezra atop his mighty stead in the Dragon Forest (the forest between Media Theater and College 8/Oakes).

Did I mention, Ezra now wonders aloud (daily) when we’re going to get to Montreal? A child after my own heart. Let’s get this show on the road. Iiiiiin three months….plus the summer……and go.


2 thoughts on “Last Spring In Santa Cruz

  1. Neither university (or was it no university in Montreal) offers family housing, so we’ll just be renting – though both have classifieds where you can find sublets from other students! Still lots of variables to sort, but excitement ensues!


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