Baby On Board

babys-first-passportEven though it’s not quite so huge a deal when staying on the same land mass, I just wanted to share the gorgeousness of Baby’s First Passport picture. It’s…markedly better than Baby’s First Visa picture (which doesn’t have to be redone for Montreal, thankyaJesus), which was taken at a 24 Walgreens in the wee hours of the morning after which Josh flew down to LA to get five visas to Great Britain. Which have only just expired. Single tear. Anyway, baby passports aren’t valid for quite as long as ours for obvious reasons – though Ezra still looks pretty much like this, no? – so he’ll need it renewed while we’re “abroad”.

And now – a simple request. I have some pretty amusing (to me) search engine terms showing up on my stats page. Could you PLEASE feel obligated to leave a comment letting me who a) who the hell typed that in the first place, b) what it brought you to on my page and c) whether it was a satisfactory result. And whomever searched for “dead eyes”,…what the hell were you looking for?! And I hope you liked that picture of me, dubbed “Sharkie” by our beloved Caitlin. And while that one – and the new “socialite turns into tiger” and endless “smelcer” searches – are pretty obvious, there are some that leave me wondering. Like, “Aryan Satanism” and “stained glass satan”….did you find what you were looking for? “Lisp + stephanie march” …you better not show your face here. O_O


9 thoughts on “Baby On Board

  1. Dude. If people don’t start following the new requirements, I don’t know what I’ll do. I must know who these searchers are!

    And Ezzie’s passport picture (taken two days before his first birthday) – can you just DIE? 😀


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