The Future Is A-Comin’, Hey Hey Hey…

Holy My Jesus. She is forcing me to speak: why will Lindsay Lohan not fut the shuck up?! I honestly cannot think of anyone else who embarrasses themselves the way she does. And I get mad when I’m humiliated for someone who is too stupid to be humiliated herself. Plus, remember way back, when she said she liked the incessant pap stalking and that it meant people were talking about you? Seems little Miss Stickfigure assumed ex-cons chasing her with expensive cameras was a surefire path to Oscar-winning. Poor little HoLo.

What else is in the “news”…

Well, we got some next year news, though not all of it. Josh got his acceptance letter to Concordia in Montreal today! We knew that was where we’re headed but hadn’t heard any official word yet. This is a lovely thing, despite the fact that he hasn’t heard from McGill yet, which is his first choice of grad programs. Then there’s my junk, about which I hope to hear soon. But now we can update all of my many visual aids/plans/guides and start solidifying travel dates. Which includes Ezzie’s first Disneyland trip in early August! Yeay! After which, we make the trek whether by air (please no) or one-way-rv+u-haul-towed (hopes – this would allow us to stop in both grandpa’s hometowns of River Falls, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois). In addition to the other things we’re waiting to hear, we are anxious to know whether or not Josh got the Tuition Fee Remission award for Concordia, which would allow us to pay the same as Canadian students. Good times, yo.  Either way, it’s time to get the CAQ, which we need to stay for more than six months. We don’t need visas as Americans but we do need the CAQ and the study permit which is approved at the border as long as you have the CAQ in hand.

Congratulations, Joshie!


6 thoughts on “The Future Is A-Comin’, Hey Hey Hey…

  1. Oh YAY! Congratulations, Josh–and Bethany, too! I’m so very glad for you both. 😀 Wanna skip on down to Middlebury, VT, to say hi while I’m at my grad program this summer?
    😀 😀 😀

    And fuck Lindsay Lohan. So hard. In none of the nice ways.


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