All The Crazy Fit To Print

I have absolutely no preface for this. Makes you wonder where they’ll put it in Borders, no?

And speaking of time consumption, ‘member that little doozy that is Lulu and my personal book collection….looks like I did it again. The pain. Staking. And the ….two hours?! How does this happen? It’s a good thing it’s out of my control because, seriously? I know before and after I realize I didn’t want to do it but that compulsion doesn’t go away as long as I know I’m unsatisfied with a project. So. Redid that whole ordeal to change the font size. Thank God/ Curse Satan for the ‘blank slate’ syndrome. Seriously. I’m … sort of shocked right now. I honestly didn’t know I was gonna do that, or that I could even maintain sanity even considering it. But last night Jordan showed me her copy and I did agree that the font size was uber tiny-tastic. So. I simply changed it back to the font that had been for a decade (good thing), adjusted all of the “art” – such as chapter icons, scrolls, text boxes (not-too-bad thing), saved as pdf (easy thing), ….realized my trial period for a pdf to jpeg converter was expired (lame thing), downloaded a second one (not-too-bad thing), converted to find that pages had watermark declaring “RESTRICTED VERSION” (bad thing), uninstalled second converter (lame thing), downloaded a third one (getting-stupuid thing), converted document (whatever thing), forgot log in for the ftp upload and had to look around lulu (eyes-burning-’cause-I-was-already-tired thing), went down and double-clicked 156 things to begin ftp-ing (annoying thing), whilst ftp-ing I deleted the 117 project pages that were to be replaced… with 156 (annoying thing), after ftp-ing I transfered all of the jpegs to the actual project (maddening thing), and then it was just a matter of putting 156 jpegs in the correct order (I’ve-officially-gone-numb-to-this-demonic-process thing). So, that was pretty much it. And my high school amour is fin!

Oh, how bout this? Because I’m supposed to care what these people think of me and my fur coats?! Right. I’m also not gonna eat ice cream made with breasts milk in it, no matter what cows milk does to my intestines.


4 thoughts on “All The Crazy Fit To Print

  1. …O_O.
    You’re right.
    That would be better.
    (Note: another project I’ve uploaded didn’t have clip art and therefore could be uploaded as the word document. VERY different experience and editing is/was a breeze. Guess it was my fault for having non-text stuff in the first one. :P)


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