A Letter From Serrana

I don’t think she needs any help with this, but just to give background: this is an email I recently got from my bf since fifth grade. We’ve done the road trip, the mixed CDs, the home movies (commercials, talk shows, movie trailers, you name it), the graduations, the child birth, the maid of honor, the black book, the not-so-much-fake-as-our-sisters’-IDs at the nightclub. You name it. We’ve done it. She’s now on to the next great adventure in her military career – and this one I’m ubertastically envious of – and while we don’t see each other often, we don’t really notice because we talk, it’s all the same. (We haven’t gone to the same school since sixth grade or lived on the same side of town, for that matter.) It’s still all about Third Eye Blind’s debut album, Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie, $20 worth of candy from Texaco and, as evidenced below: “Ace Ventura”. (“The Five Heartbeats”, not forgotten.)
Soooo….  I was shopping in the commissary today and I had a flashback.  Let me paint a picture:  We are walking in the store in the late evening, I think then it was called “Lucky”, we enter the bread aisle and then it happens… (dum dum duuummm) After watching “Ace Ventura” for the millionth and one time, we decide to reenact the HDS guy scene.  You remember now, don’t you?  You grab the loaf of bread and say the unforgettable phrase,  “We’re going downtown…”  You then kick the loaf of bread engulfed in the thin plastic wrapping as if you were kicking a football for a fieldgoal, bread goes EVERYWHERE!  Hilarity as we sprint from the aisle and leave a huge mess for some poor store clerk to clean up.
Good times.

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